Benefits of UN Access


How can UN access help my nonprofit grow?

Once an NGO is granted Consultative Status with the UN, you are recognized as experts in your field by the UN.

Will I be able to go to the Human Rights Council and other events?

An NGO and its members will be given UN access badges, and will be authorized to walk through the front doors of councils, meetings and events around the world. The NGO will belong to a select international community, and have a seat at the UN table.

What types of advocacy opportunities does Status give a nonprofit?

You will be able to give speeches, which are recorded and streamed on UNTV, create side events, and join in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Who can NGOs with this Status talk to at the UN?

This Consultative Status is one of the only UN mechanisms that allows for NGOs to interact directly with Member States and heads of government, creating powerful and rare advocacy opportunities. Additionally, by being recognized as experts in their field by the UN, the NGO may be in an optimal negotiating position for marketing purposes.

Can this Status help with financial growth for my nonprofit?

Finally, the councils and other meetings are prime opportunities for networking and creating connections to both peer NGO, and larger funds and specialized agencies. This can lead to collaboration and partnerships which may generate financial growth for the NGO.

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