Nations Global Consulting



United Nations Consultative Status Application

We work to get you access to the United Nations by taking your organization through the year-long process of the ECOSOC Consultative Status application. We take the work and worry off your shoulders and ensure that your application is curated for the best outcome.


Strategic UN Advocacy Consulting

We create in-depth strategic advocacy plans for your nonprofit to make the most impact with your UN access. We help in-person, at UN events, and remotely.


Private Partnerships

We partner with nonprofits who aren’t eligible yet for ECOSOC Status, and with private businesses that want to grow into social impact, and share the United Nations platform to level up their social vision and reach.



We believe in radical, equitable inclusion.

Our fees are truly sliding scale.

Let us know what you can afford, and we’ll meet you there.


A highlight of some of our exemplary clients


Christ’s love in abundance ministries

With a heart for service, CLIAM operates to help the poorest of the poor in Uganda, focusing on children with HIV and AIDs.


glimmer of hope

A groundbreaking Sudanese organization, Glimmer of Hope works to provide the blind population of Sudan with desperately needed resources, including a National Audio library, and more.


This grass-roots coral restoration nonprofit has sites across the globe, and includes economic and gender equity into their program implementation. Want to know how an environmental organization can grow their voice at the UN?


nissi rephidim care

Art is a powerful means of healing trauma from all forms of conflict. Nissi Rephidim works to help children heal with art therapy in Uganda.



euro-med human rights monitor

Euro-Med Human Rights monitor, based out of Switzerland and working in Gaza and the Middle East are exemplary in their advocacy and use of UN access.


the girdle

The Girdle are shining examples of what community activism looks like when its done right. Entirely volunteer-run, it works to raise awareness of female genital mutilation in Nigeria.


men end fgm

Tony Mwebia is spear-heading an award winning campaign to activate men in the fight against female genital mutilation in Kenya and globally, and Nations Global Consulting is helping elevate that work to UN forums through the ECOSOC Status Application.


the sos

How we define peace matters- and THE SOS is working to create a paradigm of peace that emphasizes our inherent dignity and sovereignty.