Our Story



The idea for Nations Global Consulting was first conceived in a small chalet in Geneva, Switzerland.

The founder of Nations Global Consulting learned any non-governmental organizations globally, within certain criteria, are eligible to access United Nations high-level events to advocate for their rights, equality and dignity.

Grass-roots access to high-level international meetings and councils is essential. NGO access and intervention in United Nations proceedings provide real-world accountability to outcomes, and to the issues represented at the UN. Grass-root involvement keeps the United Nations more equitable, more honest, and more accessible.

Today Nations Global Consulting spans the globe, connecting non-governmental organizations working in four continents- and growing. We believe in equity, empathy and excellence, and are here to help shine light on the hard work of civil society around the globe.

If you’re interested in being a part of the conversation, you can contact us at help@nationsglobalconsulting.org.