Nations Global Consulting

Who We Are

Nations Global Consulting is a female owned and founded private firm based out of Washington, DC. Our work is focused on lifting NGO voices to the United Nations level, and being a platform for the issues and current events. We focus on civil society engagement with United Nations forums for advocacy, activism and lobbying in two ways.

First, we delight in leveling up non-governmental organizations’ advocacy to United Nations levels, and then working with you to make the most out of that access.

  • We take care of an organization’s application for UN ECOSOC Consultative Status. We’ll handle the details for the full one to two year application process, so that you won’t have to worry about getting the best response for your organization from the UN.

  • For organizations that already have UN access, but aren’t sure how to navigate the system or aren’t actively using your status, we also offer expert lobbying guidance based off of proven strategies.

We are gratified to work with diverse non-governmental organizations, from non-profits with grassroots advocacy, to schools looking to branch out into speaking up and raising student voices.

Secondly, we use our platform to raise awareness about human rights, climate justice, economic and social justice, health, peace, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We highlight human right defenders’ voices, and share in their fight for creating a better, united world.

If you’re interested in writing about United Nations advocacy issues, or about peace and human rights, let us know. We’re always looking for more voices to include on our platform.


We build equity.

We connect in empathy.

We work with excellence.



Our Passion

We believe in being heard,

and we believe in speaking out.

We believe in equal access. We believe that all organizations, regardless of size, profit, or status, have the right to access United Nations bodies to advocate for whatever they are passionate about - whether that is making oceans healthier, or reducing gender-based violence, or fighting for freedom of speech under oppressive regimes - or any other cause.

We are here to fight for you.

We're here to help you help others, at the United Nations.


We believe in your vision and are here to make it grow.